Dual Helical serpentine poetry [Syntax Mutation #3​]​-​(​sononmorph​-​7​-​24​-​2015)

from Node​:​0​-​:​initialization suite​:​(​2013​-​2021) by Onyx Ashanti



this one spoke to me pretty loudly upon hearing it again. funnily, this one is the one that gave me instructions on what i need to program next and what needs to be stripped out of the code and hardware for the sound to have syntactical relevance.
subtlety is there and dynamic expression is there but the sounds wants to form new words that this sonomorph alludes to more than the others.
dual helical alludes to an emergent masculine and feminine interplay within the modelled elements. niether is dominant for long. they simply express a point of view at a moment then yield to the other, without conflict...like poetry, which pointed to the neccessity for new gestural extensions like subtle LFO modulation gestures and more expression in the upper ranges of the percussive elements(earth). these are easy to add but they didnt have a "reason" to be added until recursive analysis of this piece.





Onyx Ashanti Detroit, Michigan

This is an archive of sonomorphic notes spanning the last 22 years. they chronical the journey through the many fields of electronic music mutation happening around us all. i find it most interesting to go chronologically to hears the various idea trajectories and their life arcs and transformation into offspring idea trajectories. the end of Node:0 begins a digest for further idea propagation. ... more

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