Live beatjazz improv recursive artifact​-​berlin july 7 2009​-​alexanderplatz platz

from Recursive Artifacts Collection (2008) by Onyx Ashanti



I went down to Alexander platz in Berlin on this day, to play a bit and felt really good about how it would turn out, until i developed a bit of a junk food stomach ache and ended up having to diagnose technical the rain. BUT, after ALL of that, i pulled myself together long enough to do a short 40 minute set, of which this piece was part.


from Recursive Artifacts Collection (2008), track released July 7, 2009
photo taken by Uli Maier




Onyx Ashanti Detroit, Michigan

This is an archive of sonomorphic notes spanning the last 22 years. they chronical the journey through the many fields of electronic music mutation happening around us all. i find it most interesting to go chronologically to hears the various idea trajectories and their life arcs and transformation into offspring idea trajectories. the end of Node:0 begins a digest for further idea propagation. ... more

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