metabit z​-​axis hysteresis​-​1​-​17​-​2020

from Node​:​0​-​:​initialization suite​:​(​2013​-​2021) by Onyx Ashanti



this is a recording of the the z-axis of the accelerometer, subtracted from itself, which makes it equal zero. any movent makes it (not-zero). the more movement there is, the more not-zero it is and depending on the amount not-zero it is, is the tone that will trigger. this is the core of the the [sound]. all other logics with encase this [pop-core].





Onyx Ashanti Detroit, Michigan

This is an archive of sonomorphic notes spanning the last 22 years. they chronical the journey through the many fields of electronic music mutation happening around us all. i find it most interesting to go chronologically to hears the various idea trajectories and their life arcs and transformation into offspring idea trajectories. the end of Node:0 begins a digest for further idea propagation. ... more

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